Oh, how lovely, the summer is charging through the streets and parks – and what do you know, the travelling season has started! In many ways, summer really is our favorite season.


But summer fashion can be tricky. Are these shorts too short – can I drop the shirt if it gets too hot – how will I cover pit stains – am I revealing too much – or too little? It just never ends.


We have put 4 outfits together to help you start preparing for the season. So pack your bags and find your destination – let’s embrace this summer!


New York, USA


Once you arrive, of course, you can do as many others do - go crazy in merchandize, the “I HEART NY” T-shirts and a statue of liberty hat. No problem. But you could also consider dialing down the “I’m a tourist” vibe, and arrive in casual fashion.


New York travel style by Bertoni


The absolute fitting fashion choice this summer is the suede jacket and a classic white T-shirt. Let it become your urban foundation that you can spice up with a pair of statement sunglasses and a  some high quality chinos.


If your aren’t the suede kind a guy, you can easily obtain a similar result, by choosing a decent leather jacket. If you are shopping for a new one, remember to wear it a bit before your departure. The leather jacket has to adapt to the wearer and looks best when worn a bit.


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Phuket, Thailand


Do you find yourself in the wonderful situation of going to the Asian pearl that is Phuket, then you simply have to get beach ready.
Enjoy the tropical beach and relax in a comfortable laid-back outfit that suits you.


The look this summer if you are going to Phuket, Thailand 

Bring out your tropical prints, weaved hat and organic materials. Our suggestion this season is a pair of palm-themed shorts combined with a neutral white china collar shirt.


Feel free to let the shirt fly open and leave your loafers in the sand, while you jump into the hammock and grab a bit of shut-eye at the beach. 
Man, what I would do to be able to do just that!

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Skagen Denmark

Are you spending your summer in Denmark? Well, nice to have you! Be sure to visit a Bertoni store, while you’re here.


What to wear this summer at the beach house

It’s not easy to pack lightly, if you are traveling to experience the Danish summer. The weather ranges from sunny, windy, rainy and overcast skies.


We recommend getting a polo T-shirt and a pair of shorts, but if the wind is blowing, while you are taking a walk on the beach, remember a nice knit and a pair of wheat colored chinos.


That’s the safe bet for your Danish vacation, and it works great for barbecue night, walks and reading on the deck – chinos, polo and knit. Simple and versatile.


But get your shorts, sun screen and a good hat, while you’re at it. We are sun-optimists in Denmark, and we grab onto every chance we get to wear shorts and go to the beach – lets #DareToWearSummer !

The French Riviera


Are you going for the French coastline to experience the lovely cuisine, art and maybe catch some romance? Lucky you!


Let’s look at some items you can put in your suitcase and take with you.


Shop the french riviera look at Bertoni


A short sleeved blue and white striped shirt is incredibly easy to style and a great summer item. Keep your outfit light and feel free to bring in some contrast colors and you’ll be sure to turn heads in Nice. Now, that’s something!


Try wearing a casual, navy blue, single-breasted blazer over the shirt, and match it with a pair of light pants in the same quality. Try an unconstructed blazer for that loose and casual fit.


If you don’t have a pair of contrasting pants of the same quality as the blazer, you can make it work with a completely different pair of pants. At Bertoni, you can mix and match some of our suit blazers and pant. Feel free to contact us if you’d like some help in this area.