Get warm with the layering trend

A trend which almost always comes back to the autumn and winter collections is the layering trend. Also in the Bertoni AW 2016 collection the trend comes into place and we will take a further look at it here.

The practical element

The obvious reason that layering continues to return is that it is a practical approach to one's style. In winter and autumn you move frequently between the hot inside and the cold outside. Therefore the layer method is a brilliant way to dress in the cold winter time. Here you have the opportunity to remove or add a layer without compromising with the style.

The stylish element

By using the layering trend, you give your style a whole new dimension as it opens up many possibilities and combinations for the clothes in your wardrobe. It also gives the possibility to combine different patterns and textures, which gives more life to the outfit.

It is also a way to get more color into your outfit, as it is easier to select multiple colors and here you can for example choose the nice autumn colors, which will go well together.

The inner layer

The most important thing about the inner layer is that it is comfortable. It can be a T-shirt, turtleneck or a shirt. Go for products which are made of 100% cotton, which is very soft on the skin and breathable.

The middle layer

Cardigans and pullovers are exceptional choices for the middle layer and are widely used. If you would like to be more formal, you can instead choose a vest as a middle layer.

The outer layer

As an outer layer you can either wear a blazer or a jacket. You can also choose to wear both and create an extra dimension to the outfit. Here, the jacket is usually the longest of all of the items. However, a bomber jacket is ok, if the other tops aren’t too long.