Ready for 2018?

Your search for a suit for New Year's Eve, the gala party or the Christmas party can stop now. The Bertonis Party 2017 collection makes your outfit a true display of fireworks and it will make you the centerpiece of the party. The collection is an eclectic and decorative collection with a festive glimpse in the eye. It is modern, pompous and exclusive, while being classical, elegant and timeless. It looks forward to new fashion trends, while proudly tailoring its backs.


Party 2017 lights up in one of the darkest months of the year with a color palette that compensates for the gray, dark and cold tones of autumn and winter. The colors of the collection ranges from black bronze to gold and offer exciting materials and designs with lace. Materials such as lurex, brocade and velvet are represented and you will find shirts with Eastern-inspired print. Party 2017 collection gives you an ample opportunity to enrich your wardrobe with elegant, expressive and completely unique items.

The suit for any party

From traditional to daring

The collection offers items for all kinds of celebrations occasions. Items ranging from the classic to the experimental. You'll find the classic, elegant, black-backed tuxedo, polished pockets and a fit that's absolutely flawless - comfortable, moving, stylish, young and well-being. In the Party collection you will find leather jackets with delicious gold details, giving a casual and masculine expression - an expression that you can balance with a rollneck for a more refined and formal look.

Fit is - as always - the foundation

In the Party 2017 collection - as in all our collections - we have a sharp and uncompromising focus on fit. At Bertoni we have been working for many years to develop our own fit for suits. It has a young expression, is comfortable, and complies with international standards and trends. Party 2017 collection is no exception. The collection offers a fit that meets our stringent quality and comfort requirements, while at the same time we have combined the elegance, exclusivity, the party, the originality and the "playing". There is at least one day a year in which a suit from this collection will come true - that's the day we thank you for the year that's gone and jumps into the new one from a chair and brings a champagne bowl.

New expressive designs with attitude

In our designs, we always put the clean and sharp Scandinavian expression in the center. In the Party 2017 collection we "play" with interesting materials such as lurex, brocade and velvet, and we head east where we get inspiration for many of the exotic print of the collection. When we design, we always take the cutlery of society, the time and the season. And it is beyond doubt that the Party 2017 collection is a clear opposition, a protest against the gray and boring Scandinavian climate of autumn and winter. The collection is in contrast - like a candle in the dark, a party in the bag.

Bertoni Super Stretch Suit

The Suit specially designed for the business man and the active man. The Bertoni Super Stretch Suit will stretch for your movements, thus allowing free movement.

The special fabric is a blend of wool, polyester and 4% stretch. Our Super Stretch Suit is woven with a special technique that minimizes folds and wrinkles on the suit. This means you do not have to worry about sitting down for many hours or partying all night!

The Super Stretch Suit