So, you have decided to tie the knots and have set the date, and all you need now is that perfect wedding suit, which will make you look fantastic and make all the bridesmaids (or maybe groomsmen) envy your wife to be. But what kind of style do you choose for your wedding? We have the right wedding guide for you.  

Three piece suit

If you are going to have a classic wedding suit you can choose a three piece suit in black, grey or dark blue, which gives a more formal look. Make sure you have all the right accessories for a classic wedding suit, such as a tie, a pocket square, cufflinks, a boutonniere or maybe a tie pin.

Three piece outfit

Two piece suit

You can also choose a two piece suit, which is without the waistcoat, if you want a more casual look. If you’re going to have a beach or a gardening wedding, a casual look is perfect. Go with colors such as blue, navy or grey and you will get a relaxed but still stylish look to say your wows in.

Two piece Outfit

Accessories for the wedding