Christmas Gift Finder

Some people are just impossible to buy gifts for. It could be your father, boyfriend, brother or son. We would like to help and give a few ideas for what you can buy for Christmas. Here’s a collection of gift that will bring back the belief in Santa Claus.

Gifts for your boyfriend

Do you want your boyfriend to dress fine, and see him in other than jeans and a white t-shirt? Then we’ll recommend buying a suit for him. It will also work on weekdays if he wears a turtleneck instead of shirt and tie. It gives him a more casual and relaxed look.

Suit Casual

Gifts for your father

One of the most important things in your dads’ wardrobe is quality. At Bertoni quality is a key factor in our production and materials. A great idea would be a pair of pants with a more classical look, so he will avoid looking like a teenager.

Quality Pants

Gifts for your brother

Do you have an idea that your brother lacks style? Then you should surprise him with a suit or shirt on Christmas day, so he can get back in the game. A recommendation for a gift would be a shirt with print, so it doesn’t get too formal and classical.

Shirts with print

Gifts for your son

Do you want your son to avoid getting cold but still dress well? Then you should consider a knitted sweater or a wool jacket so he’ll avoid freezing when he’s outdoors. A good choice for a gift would be one of our wool jackets. Besides being warm, they have a modern and perfect fit.

Wool jackets

It is always possible to return gifts if they don’t fit. It can be returned in one of our stores or by sending the gift to the webshop. You can read more about our return policy.