History of the wooljacket

The wooljacket is one of the most classic coats of all time, and the history of the original peacoat goes way back. Its classic look means that the jacket is suitable for a wide age range, and today, the wooljacket is a nice go-to choice when suiting up for the colder days in the fall and winter time. Read on, and get to know the wooljacket better and how to style it.

The history

The classic wooljacket as we know it today has roots back to the first iconic peacoat, a navy-colored wooljacket originally worn by European sailors. The peacoat therefore has deep roots in the military and especially the navy, and it has various influencers such as the Dutch and the English.


In the 18th century, the Dutch were a naval power and it was at this time the peacoat was first seen. The woolen jacket was developed as there was a need for a lasting piece of outerwear that could withstand harsh rain, wind and cold temperatures, which is typically experienced at sea.


While the Dutch are credited for the invention, it was actually the English people that popularized the jacket. Since then, the versatile jacket has been widely used during cold times such as fall and winter, and to many people, the wooljacket is still a favorite piece of outerwear.


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Functional details at a Bertoni wooljacket


The original peacoat was double breasted, having two rows of buttons tying the extra fabric that folds over from left to right, but today’s’ wooljackets are also seen as single breasted jackets with two halves buttoned together. 
As the wooljacket was originally developed to working men in the navy, many of the jacket’s details have actual functions. As the navy spent most of their time out at sea, the collar was designed to keep the cold wind away and the pockets to keep the hands warm. Today, the functions are still very useful at cold times, even though the pockets today are also used to store wallets and keys.



The texture of the wool fabric almost gives a 3D effect

How to style

The classic wooljacket can be worn at both formal occasions and as work wear, and the jacket has various styling options. If you are going to a formal event, the wooljacket is an obvious choice for outerwear as its plain look fits the occasion. Pair it with a fine suit in a woolen quality, making your look coherent, and a pair of nice leather boots or shoes. For a more laid back look pair your wooljacket with a solid woolen sweatshirt or turtleneck and a pair of chinos or jeans
Remember to stock up on accessories, such as a nice scarf or a pair of leather gloves, and complete the look. 

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